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Prenuptial Agreements

City Lawyers and Consultants provide legal advice about prenuptial agreements. These prenuptial agreements are binding in Australia.

Family Financial Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements must comply with Family Law legislation. The parties can agree to property division in case of separation and also on spousal maintenance.

If there is a change in circumstances, the Court has the capacity to set aside the unjust agreement, especially in cases where the agreement causes hardship to the spouse and children.

Prenuptial Agreements Fixed Fees: We prepare prenuptial agreements for a fixed fee of $880 including GST. We will advise you of the fee before engaging our services as some agreements can be very complex.

Child Parenting Disputes

City Lawyers and Consultants provide legal advice in Family Law Child Parenting Disputes.

Child Parenting Family Law Disputes are complex. The Courts do not determine who is the better parent. The Court takes the best interests of the child into consideration.

Family Law Children Fees: In some family law children matters you may need to pay for the services by instalments (by agreement only).

Property Division

City Lawyers and Consultants provide legal advice in Family Law Property Division matters after separation. You should always consider legal advice before agreeing to any division of assets after separation with your spouse or de facto partner.

The property division should take into account:

  • House Division
  • Investment Properties Division
  • Superannuation Split
  • Bank Accounts Assets Division
  • Shares or Investments Split
  • Financial Support for the Spouse (Spousal Maintenance)
  • Financial Support of the Children (Child Support)
The Family Court should approve a property division agreement and the Court considers the cases in stages by inquiring:
  • What are the Assets? (Assets Pool)
  • What are the contribution percentages to the purchase, preservation and maintenance?
  • How the Court should adjust the percentages for the fair split of the assets?

Family Law Property Division Fees: City Lawyers and Consultants DO NOT require you to pay ANY up-front fees. We will generally recover our costs at the conclusion of the claim.

Unlike other firms, we are happy to discuss our costs with you before you decide to proceed with the claim.

Please note our fee structure in family law matters complies with those recommended by the Law Society of NSW costs/fees disclosure.