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City Lawyers and Consultants will provide advice in superannuation and total disability claims. If you were injured or have a disease and cannot work, you can make a superannuation claim. You can claim your superannuation entitlements as a lump sum or in instalments.

Additionally the dependants of the deceased, such as the wife, husband, de facto partner (including same sex partner), children and other financial dependants or their estate can also claim superannuation death benefits. If the person suffers from a terminal illness, it is possible to claim superannuation early.

We are experienced in advising you of your superannuation and permanent disability entitlements. Our senior lawyers will advise you if you are able to make a claim on your superannuation or income protection, life insurance or sickness insurance policy. If the claim is denied, we will assist you to obtain the payout.

City Lawyers and Consultants will work in all compensation claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, this means that we DO NOT require you to pay ANY up-front fees to pursue personal injury compensation claims, such as:

We do not charge our legal fees until your claim is successful. At the conclusion of the claim, the insurer is likely to pay the majority of the costs and disbursements (or all of them in some cases).

Please note our fee structure in personal injury matters complies with those recommended by the Law Society of NSW costs/fees disclosure.

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