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Workers Compensation

City Lawyers and Consultants specialise in Workers Compensation. If you were injured at work or sustained work related injury, we can assist you in making a claim for weekly payments, medical treatment expenses and, in some cases, lump sums for permanent impairment.

In NSW workers compensation has changed. If you notified the employer of the injury and your claim was denied, please talk to us to find out about the changes in workers compensation.

Our senior lawyers will advise you if you are able to make a claim on your Employer's workers compensation insurance. Contact us if you have questions in relation to your workers compensation entitlements.

Worker does NOT pay ANY costs in work injury claims-Work accidents compensation Costs explained

In NSW in ALL work accident claims the worker does NOT pay any costs if the grant of WIRO is approved. Please contact our work injury lawyers to find out what entitlements you have under the workers compensation work injury claims system. Our lawyers will apply for grant through WIRO (funding). If the funding is approved, the worker does NOT pay ANY legal fees or medical reports fees.